Bringing new tools for risk assessments of chemical mixture exposures

Gathering 11 partners, PANORAMIX focuses on providing new tools for risk assessments of complex real-life mixtures for the protection of European citizens and the environment.

The aim of PANORAMIX is to create a novel scientific path to identify and quantify the risk of chemical mixture exposures for European citizens and will focus on substances present in water, food and the human body. This innovative approach based on real-life scenarios will form the base for future safety regulations to better protect human health.



Develop a novel scientific framework to understand and quantify the risk of chemical mixture exposure across the environment-food-human continuum.


Evaluate the risk for human health posed by chemical mixtures by focusing on case studies of real-life scenarios.


Develop new concrete tools for mixture risk assessment that can help form the basis for new regulations.


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International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health

Congratulations to our coordinator, Prof. Anne Marie Vinggaard, her team at the Technical University of…

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Congratulation to Yanying Ma from the Technical University of Denmark for winning the best oral…
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Mixture Risk Assessment of Complex Real-Life Mixtures—The PANORAMIX Project

Abstract Humans are involuntarily exposed to hundreds of chemicals that either contaminate our environment and…
Press & releases

EU funded research projects pioneer chemical safety for EU consumers

1 June 2022 European Research Executive Agency European chemicals legislation REACH celebrates 15 years this…


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